'Open Wallet' button not working

I have my paraphrase and the link to the quick access password, however the ‘Open wallet’ button is not highlighted and I can not click on it. I tried entering my quick access password, no luck. I then tried my 12 word paraphrase, no luck also.
Does anyone else have this problem or could you please advise?

if the passphrase/password is not 100% correct, the wallet cannot be opened.
i made a tool to help fix this issue

The problem isn’t logging in, the problem is the quick access url doesn’t work.

So every time i need to enter the 12 words using the on screen keyboard, instead of being able to use a quick access url.

It’s a very hideous process.

I have tried using several passwords, short ones, long ones, passwords with and without special characters, but every time i get a different URL, but none of the URLs work. It doesn’t matter if I enter my password or the passphrase either.

Quick Acces URLs seem completely broken.