Login problem with pass phrase

I am using the counterparty wallet in Chrome and at login provide the 12 words phrase but it is not going to log in… please help urgently

Same problem here, but with the quick link passphrase. After clicking on open wallet, all I see is the animated bar and nothing else. Would appreciate any assistance.

go on this link and open please

Same over here. Neither phrase nor short-password.
Latest Chrome

Same problem here. Can’t login…

same, had problem last night and problem still persists.

At http://counterwallet.io/ you can see that
https://wallet.counterwallet.io/# is down
but https://counterwallet.coindaddy.io/# works

Hi I have had this problem today, what I found that works is where you put your passphrase at the side of the log in button there is a picture of a keyboard tap that and type in the passphrase in the boxes, that worked for me I have had to do it twice today the third time I could log in normally