Old URL not working


I created a counterwallet wallet last year, and at that time I was given a URL for logging in which as far as I know had no password added to it and was simply generating the wallet deterministically from the URL. I still have this URL, however pasting it does not work.

Counterwallet.io now asks you to change the domain to “wallet.counterwallet.io”. However, adding this to my URL simply takes me to the from page of wallet.counterwallet.io, giving me the option to log in with a 12-word wallet or create a new one.

I never created my wallet based on a 12 word phrase, so I don’t have this. Is there any way I can still recover the private key? I still have some tokens I would like to recover in there.


Doesn’t it say “Enter your quick access password”?

You may have left the password empty or very simple.

If you it does ask for a 12 word password the quick access url is wrong

Just replace the old domain with the new domain - the rest should remain the same. So change to (where “whatever” is the rest of the URL). Edit: I tried this and it works.

The Quick URL does have a pass word (not pass phrase), though.

Hopefully it’s one of your favorite easy to remember passwords, so you may still be able to get in.

No, it doesn’t say enter your quick access password. I did replace the URL. I’m guessing there was actually a password on it. I don’t know what it was though -_-…