Quick URL & Password

Few folks used the Quick URL feature with a simple password, and later the URL (of the wallet) changed. Does anyone know if Quick URL + password combo can work if the URL changed?

If not, users could setup a simple “fake” localhost Web server or maybe even just have a JS that would pretend to be the old URL and spit out the pass phrase.

Answering my own question: no, new URL does not lock the user out of Counterwalet if he didn’t also keep the pass phrase.

It is enough to paste the part of Quick URL after the new host name.

  • Old URL example: https:///old.wallet.com
  • New URL example: https://new.walletsite.co
  • Take the part of Quick URL that follows wallet.com/ (it’s a long string that looks like like #cp=U2Fs....) and paste it to the new site so that it becomes https://new.walletsite.co/#cp=U2Fs…`
  • Login using your “old” (and current) password for the Quick URL at the new site

Tested to work on the official and Coinaddy’s wallet today.

Quick Access URL can be generated in wallet settings: