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[size=12pt]Counterwallet 1.3.0 RC1 Released and live![/size]

New features in this release:

* Added Rock-Paper-Scissors
* Added Zeroconf support (show pending balances for assets)
* Added IP-based blocking capabilities for betting, RPS and dividend issuance features. We are currently blocking people with US-based IP addresses from using these features on itself.

(Please don’t complain about the last one. As US citizens, we are voluntarily choosing to do this in good faith, to reduce any potential legal risk from the operation of However, anyone is free to host their own counterwallet server and – responsibly knowing and understanding the legal status of these features in their country of residence, and being responsible for their own actions – choose to access them if they so please.)

The full changelog is over at

[quote author=xnova link=topic=448.msg2844#msg2844 date=1405294121]
[size=12pt]Counterwallet 1.3.0 RC1 Released and live![/size]

New features in this release:

* Added Rock-Paper-Scissors

For those who can’t google ( here’s about RPS:
Open a Rock-Paper-Scissors like game with arbitrary possible moves (Must be an odd number greater or equal than 3). Until you make an rpsresolve transaction, your move is stored as an hash and keep secret.
Example: Play rock-paper-scissors-spock-lizard (
rps --source=mtQheFaSfWELRB2MyMBaiWjdDm6ux9Ezns --possible-moves=5 --move=2 --wager=1 --expiration=100

Additional details are available in this Bitcointalk post here:

[size=12pt]Counterwallet 1.5.0 released.[/size]

We're proud to announce the release of Counterwallet 1.5.0

This new release includes the following functionality:
* Added Quick Buy interface with Vennd Machine
* Added internationalization support
* New address generation system
* DEX design improvement
* Added order expiration and fees in advanced option
* Added quick url access with choosen password

* Numerous fixes:
* Minor UI tweaks

Full list of changes are at:

Once language translations are done (at, we will be adding these to the interface. Right now it's still English only.
Also, feel free to try the new Quick Buy (vending machine) feature for BTC->XCP.

Just released v9.45.0 of counterpartyd. See the CHANGELOG for details. This update has a lot of new code, but very little that touches the protocol on mainnet. Users will have to upgrade by block 330000 (about three weeks from now), however.

Security hotfix: v9.48.0 of counterpartyd was just pushed out. Unfortunately, users will be forced to upgrade pretty much immediately (before v9.47.0 goes live with 333500).

If you were running from the develop branch, you may not see the warning to upgrade.

Counterwallet v1.6.3 is out. cw01 and cw02 have been upgraded. Release notes are at