Need guidance to start work with Counterparty

Hi Users,
I Satyam Agrawal wants to make a own wallet that will be integrated in the crowdfunding website then i came up to counterparty. I already visit their website their docs and api but i am facing some problems like from where i have to start , their is no api present written in node.js and i use windows OS . Is it suitable to work on windows because counterparty already mention in their docs that their work is beta for windows .

so please anybody guide me how I will proceed to work with it.


Feel free to use code from (or fork) my project

CoinDaddy and Blockscan have useful APIs.

Thanks for giving me the way from where i am starting my work. I have a question that data fetched by Blockscan API are real time data or just dump data, from where they are fetching the data is this data comes from those user who are registered for counterparty wallet or from somewhere else . coindaddy referencing the same API listed at .

They are near-real-time, as Counterparty transactions on the bitcoin blockchain get 6 confirmations they can be retrieved from the blockchain and displayed in various applications with access to Bitcoin Core or Web-based Bitcoin APIs