My XCP transfer stucking more than a month

I’ve sent XCP from counter wallet (1JCQvZ5zecJrADc2wmJvnbqAaxdSkYfZK4) to poloniex account (1EseKhhNn1LgNhL8mCxcn25xH2XKc4s5ey) but stucking for more than a month.

On poloniex, It says,
Pending (1 of 2)
2017-12-23 09:49:25
Address: 1EseKhhNn1LgNhL8mCxcn25xH2XKc4s5ey
Txid: 44a0c94c06074c7569a4f683019ebd376678d59690a81e917ca6c7c2482a6406

Pending more than a month…
I have asked poloniex support a month ago but still nothing returns.
Could someone tell me any solutions?


has the tx cleared through to tradeable status yet? i only ask because i do not see anything unconfirmed on polo’s address since the 23rd of december. if not then please confirm the status


Thx your reply.
It just indicates the status and there is no buttons or links to clear.
Would you tell me if you know how to clear the tx and confirm that status?