Muse Coin what is it

Yes I know its another new coin…I could rattle on about the wonders but most here know of the potential of what coins could do, 

So what is all about…

A verb to muse is to consider something thoughtfully. As a Noun it means a 

person who is a source of artistic inspiration

The coin will help a not for profit organisation fund a community centre as well as create class’s for people to learn music recording and other aspects of the music business we already have the building with a 20 year lease we already have rehearsal space and partly finished recording studio but funds are needed to keep the centre open, it costs about £7.000 pounds a year to run which is real value to do all the work that is being done. 

But we want to do much much more we want to provide a place where people can create a work environment to create other bitcoin projects

The coin will be used to help fund artists in social media and if we can get the skills a download platform in which artists can sell what they make or produce.

So come and join the future is not a place we are going to but one that we are creating  your help could make all this more of a reality and also gives you a feel good factor,

Give Inspiration Give Muse 

Before I forget our new intro site and forum are at

Please provide more information on the basics. Is this coin a Counterparty token? How many will be issued and at what rate? How will they be distributed?

Its a kickstarter only 2 mill will be issued…the coin is being produced via crypto-note we may decide to go with a fully in house coin we would look to provide a share of coin to those who hold shares, the building we operate from holds a recording studio rehearsal space but we are looking to use space that is not already being used for other crypto  development projects and working as a community space, we  would be looking to provide a platform for artists to sell products as well as finding ways in which a wider audience can participate by helping the artist projects gain access to funds, By this Christmas we will be holding drumming kick starter lessons for people to try out drums we have 4 kits ready for this project, we are in a very deprived area of West London and our aims is to help people gain new skills in a number of areas and working with local collages to provide a route to further education.

Creating a monthly music and arts magazine one that provides a multi media experience with video and links to artists pages, we are looking at art that does not get media attention that it deserves, real underground movements and people who work in providing a community based arts experience.  

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