[ANN] VBCOIN - POS - 5,000,000 COINS! 50% to raise money for City!


[size=20pt][font=verdana]VBCOIN - A coin for Virginia Beach[/font][/size]

[font=verdana][size=15pt]In the spirit of what Aurora Coin is doing for Iceland, I’m creating VBCOIN, to do the same on a smaller scale for my city. I hope to use this experience as a blueprint to do this for several cities in the US and hopefully around the world. This coin has been issued with Counterparty protocol as a 100% proof-of-stake issuance.[/size][/font]

[size=15pt][color=green]IPO 4/1 - 4/7
- Proof-of-stake
- 5,000,000 Coins
- 50% coins reserved for City of Virginia Beach projects
- 10% reserved for marketing efforts
- 40% reserved for IPO
- 1 BTC    = 1,000 VBCOINS
- 100 XCP = 1,000 VBCOINS
- Counterparty issued asset
- Use all Counterparty features
  * Distributed Exchange
  * Bitcoin security
  * Web Wallet coming soon!



[size=15pt]I’m very excited about this initiative and intend to keep it 100% transparent and fair.[/size]

Christopher P. Ridgeway
CEO | Ellis Island Fund


Wow. Excellent start. Very polished!

Let it begin!

Decentralized public fundraising!

Why would these have a market?  Iceland has capital controls on their country, so can’t buy Bitcoin lacking a fiat gateway.  That’s not the problem in Virginia beach, why would someone want to accept VBCoin or buy into the IPO of VBCoin?  Does it fund profit making ventures?  Is it a charitable act?

I’m not opposed to the project but I am also not clear on what value it brings to the table.

l want know after creat asset in counterpary wallet,the asset holder have need according to Proof of Stake use wellat to mine the asset?