Most useful command sequences

For everyone who is actively testing the command line, I ask a favor.

Could you come up with the most common sequences of commands you find useful. If we had a list of (??) most useful sequences, we can make them push button easy in the GUI.

Most specifically the btcpay command seems like something that could (should) be part of a sequence for a trade that you don’t want to cancel. It is my understanding that you have to manually do the btcpay to complete a transaction.

I am total newbie to the actual counterparty commandline, so please excuse me if I am asking totally silly questions.

Since mastercoin will have all the same tech features as XCP, we HAVE to come up with a layer on top of XCP (or at least macros) that creates awesomely new functionality. Imagine if there were dozens of push buttons in the GUI that each triggered lower level commands that each do useful things.

mastercoin is using a centralized development, so they will implement what the spec says to implement. Top down.

We are XCP team and decentralized. Anybody can propose new useful ways of using XCP and the best ideas become part of the GUI.


Here are some operations that can be executed from the command line and something the GUI client should address.

1. View Balance by address
2. View Transactions from the address
3. Send XCP

1. View all Assets in an address
2. Sort assets
3. Send assets
4. Pay dividends on assets
5. Issue new assets

1. View all feeds
2. Create a new Feed
3. Automate Feed
4. Place a bet
5. View existing bets

1. View open orders in the marketplace
2. Filter orders by asset type and price, buy/sell type etc…
3. Place a new order
4. Check order status
5. Execute BTC Pay
6. Cancel an order

Regarding the web GUI, the plan is to have Transactions and Assets definitely covered in the first release. Hopefully the DEx features can go in (at least in a basic form), but I’ll see. Things are moving along and I’ll have a preview for the community “soon”. :slight_smile: