Lost my 12 words, but have quick access link, can I recover 12 words from there?

Hello! lost (well, forgot to write) the 12 words for the login, but saved the quick access link. So I can login to my wallet, but I want to know if it is possible to recover the 12 words from that link.

Thank you!

Interesting problem… Good to hear you can still access the wallet!

I don’t know of a way to go back from the quick access link to pass phrase.

You could certainly create another wallet and send your holdings to it.

I also have the private keys of the bitcoin addresses, can I import all keys in a new wallet, to avoid the need of transfer the funds?

Yes, but the moment you actually import the funds, that will be a transfer.
You might as well wait until you actually want to use the coins and do it then (maybe transfer them where you actually need them).

Yeah just in case, in my opinion, i would move your funds as soon as possible so you do not loss them if you loss the quick access link

So the twelve words that I have written down seem to log into a different wallet. I have the quick link, but it doesn’t go to the wallet. It goes to the login page. I have about $50 worth of coins in this wallet I am trying to recover, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry to hear about that.

If you don’t have the pass phrase (or quick access link + password), there’s no other way to access the wallet.

So this would be a password I set?

The password you set would be used together with the URL:

If you have the password but not the URL (or URL, but not the password), then this won’t work.
If you can get it, then you still won’t be able to find your 12 word pass phrase*, but you’d be able to get all the private keys for your wallet addresses and/or send your funds to a new wallet (which you can create separately).

The 12 word pass phrase provides a way to access the wallet and all addresses within it. It is shown to the user only once and there’s no backup or recovery (and also there’s no registration of users, so the Project know neither the pass phrase nor the identity of wallet/address owners). This approach provides excellent security, but there’s no way to recover the credentials because noone has seen them except the user (at the time of wallet creation).

  • Maybe it would be possible to use the Counterwallet Easy Access URL script to create a pass phrase recovery script, but such script doesn’t exist at the moment. It’s easy enough to sweep the addresses (or send the contents elsewhere).

Well, I’m sure I can figure out the password, since I have the URL. I hope so, anyway. Just trial and error. I have a lot of them laying around.

I am in the same boat more or less…
I have the URL but lack the password and the twelve word. Sure can try a lot of passwords I am using but was wondering if there are any tools out there that can speed up the process. What I mean is are there tools that can enter an itteration automatically, like base password “Helloworldxxxx” where xxxx is replaced by 0000 - 9999 automatically.


There are tools for the 12 word pass phrase, but it (the 12 word pass phrase mechanism) is very secure.
You’d have to remember a big majority of the words for the tool to have even a remote chance of brute-guessing the remaining few that you don’t remember, but for what it’s worth here it is:

This tool you could run on many computers in parallel and there is no need to spread the load by words, that search is simply probabilistic - you’d use the same parameters on all systems.

I don’t know of a tool that can help with the Quick Access URL. It seems that one is simpler to crack (if you have the URL), but I haven’t heard of a tool that could automate it. Somebody who understands JavaScript could look at Counterwallet source code and see what needs to be attacked and how to detect when the result is success, but I haven’t heard of anyone trying.

I have the URL but lack the password and the twelve word. Sure can try a lot of passwords I am using but was wondering if there are any tools out there that can speed up the process

I don’t think such a tool exists but it is definitely possible to make one. If there were a bounty on it, I could give it a try.

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