Problem in syncing the testnet counterpartyd, getting this error:
<br />Traceback (most recent call last):<br />&nbsp; File &quot;/root/counterpartyd_build/dist/counterpartyd/;, line 817, in <module><br />&nbsp; &nbsp; blocks.follow(db)<br />&nbsp; File &quot;/root/counterpartyd_build/dist/counterpartyd/lib/;, line 759, in follow<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; reparse(db, quiet=False)<br />&nbsp; File &quot;/root/counterpartyd_build/dist/counterpartyd/lib/;, line 705, in reparse<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; check_conservation(db)<br />&nbsp; File &quot;/root/counterpartyd_build/dist/counterpartyd/lib/;, line 31, in check_conservation<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; raise exceptions.SanityError('{} {} issued ≠ {} {} held'.format(util.devise(db, issued, asset, 'output'), asset, util.devise(db, held, asset, 'output'), asset))<br />lib.exceptions.SanityError: 223720.47821051 XCP issued ≠ 223719.49421051 XCP held<br />

Discussing and addressing this by PM.