Counterpartyd v9.46.0 contract branch

Has anyone tried the counterpartyd v9.46.0 Contracts branch? I’m running against the testnet but get the following every time it reaches block 301300:

Block: 301300 (0.34s)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 1192, in <module>
  File "/home/user/Source/counterpartyd_build_contracts/lib/", line 1450, in follow
    parse_block(db, block_index, block_time)
  File "/home/user/Source/counterpartyd_build_contracts/lib/", line 165, in parse_block
    parse_tx(db, tx)
  File "/home/user/Source/counterpartyd_build_contracts/lib/", line 71, in parse_tx
    send.parse(db, tx, message)
  File "/home/user/Source/counterpartyd_build_contracts/lib/", line 85, in parse, tx['block_index'], tx['destination'], asset, quantity, action='send', event=tx['tx_hash'])
  File "/home/user/Source/counterpartyd_build_contracts/lib/", line 623, in credit
    if len(address) == 40:
TypeError: object of type 'NoneType' has no len()

I haven’t tried, but maybe you can check out develop branch and give it another shot?

What’s your bitcoind version? Is it patched with addrindex patch (see the Support category) and did you rescan your blockchain?

Thanks for replying. My bitcoind is(was) Version 0.9.3. I’ve been using it for experimenting with Vennd (testnet). I wasn’t aware of the addrindex patch. I’ll go and give that a try.


I installed v9.46 on Windows and have Bitcoin-Qt with addrindex (and I reindexed my entire blockchain).

I have testnet with the same setup, haven’t seen any such issue yet. I don’t have it running right now so I’m not sure if it went past the block you mentioned, but let us know if you have problems after implementing those changes and I can take a look.

My counterpartyd server has so far parsed the testnet blockchain up to block 309183 without errors.

Thanks for trying that.  I’m using Ubuntu but I’ve not managed to build Bitcoin-Qt with addrindex.  I’ve had a few attempts but all seem to fail at the make point of Bitcoin-Qt.  I did start with Xubuntu 14.04 but I’ve just tried Ubuntu Server 14.04 and hit the same problem.  I’ll describe the details on the link below to keep the information together in case it helps someone else in the future:

I posted on the other thread, hopefully by following one of those approaches you’ll get it to work!