Lead Developers Leave Overstock's Medici Project

Seeing this …

Lead Developers Leave Overstock’s Medici Project

Is there any formal comment yet on what those devs have planned now and what impact will be for CounterParty?.. Obviously, none of these efforts come with a guarantee but it would be interesting to know why it didn’t work out, if that is possible to suggest that openly.

The devs left the project voluntarily. However, Medici is still using Counterparty,

The reason is most likely this, from the same article: “Dermody and Wagner confirmed the shift, indicating that they have since launched a new business to be announced soon. Both continue to work on
their bitcoin-based asset transfer protocol Counterparty.”

The impact for Counterparty will be that everything continues to go as planned… and they will still be working on it. And just in case it’s not obvious, no core devs have ever stopped working on Counterparty.

And based on what the XCP team has posted on Bitcointalk, we should be expecting some ‘great news’ soon… But that’s about all that has been said so far…