Issued Token 8 hour ago, still pending?

Greetings, deployed a Named Asset last night, and its still pending after 8 hours. Nothing is reflecting on blockchain.

As you can see the 0.5 XCP is still pending, and in the next image you can see the two asset creations. The named asset was from 11 hours ago. and the Numeric asset was just created as a test to see what the issue is.

How quickly a transaction is confirmed is dependent on the BTC miners fee that you pay. If you pay too low of a miners fee, then your transaction will not get confirmed quickly.

You may also want to post your address information to make it easier to lookup your specific transaction.

Thank you for your reply. here is the address: 1FNR2g5TpPQ22it5XB4Qi7r2xaG2RiwwNG

I just checked and I don’t see any pending transactions for your address. Perhaps your transaction was not broadcast to the network or something funky like that. At this point I would try your issuance again.

Here is a page where you can track your Counterparty balance/transaction information