Is the DEX working, is it safe, why no transactions?

So looking at blockscan the DEX order book and order list doesn’t seem to change much…

Is there some real reason for people no using it or is it still just too difficult to use so everyone is happy with poloniex?

Is order matching working correctly? Is there still a problem with trolls? Is it currently safe to use DEX? Are there some other problems or worries on the table?

Just eager to get a piece of the DEX-action!  :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ah, of course the one troll on top (3594) is still capturing the matches… silly me…  :-X  So we have to wait for 5 more weeks to “open the DEX again”? Or get the price up so the troll won’t be the best match…? :smiley:

Came here wondering the same thing. Is this a serious issue? This seems to be a method of fixing the price. Not sure if a bug or feature of the free market

[size=2][font=verdana]No actually it’s working. You can put whatever order you want, it won’t be matched with tx 3594 as long as you put a minimal fee, 0.0001 fraction_fee_provided should work for ~1 btc orders (maybe a dev can confirm ?)[/font][/size]

[font=verdana][size=2]Blockscan should filter out (or striketrough) the troll to avoid confusion . It seems that it scares the bidders to fill the orderbook…[/size][/font]

i’ve been trying to by XPC vie and i was able to buy i think 2 XCP yesterday right after the official launch.

Since then i’ve been trying to buy some more without success. ive issues orders for 5 and 4 and it just does not seem to work. I cant find my orders in the order book, things seem to just not go thru.

I was able to issue assets and transfer them. also moving bitcoin to new adresses seems to work.

However the trading is not working well.

You can also see that there are no new orders since 10 hours or so. There must be something up.