Is it possible to transfer asset ownership to another address from the original issuer?

Asset (token, coin) issuer can be changed in Counterwallet and also using the Counterparty CLI or API.

Please note that this is not the same as sending an asset.

Also remember the following:

  • To transfer asset ownership you need to control the owning address. The first transfer therefore happens from the issuing address.
  • It is possible to transfer ownership of an asset even if the address owns zero units of the asset.
  • If the transferring address owns more than 0 units, asset units will not be transferred. Only the ownership will be transferred. If the new owner desires to buy asset (tokens) as well, that is a separate send transaction that is explained at the URL above.

Asset ownernship transfer using Counterwallet

Next enter the address you want to transfer the ownership of the asset to and click on Transfer.

You will need to wait for 10-30 minutes until the transaction is confirmed 3 times.

Asset transfer using counterparty-cli

In counterparty-cli use the issuance argument --transfer-destination.