Instructional Video Bounty []

Offering a bounty for a brief video showing how to use to make a bet. I estimate each step to take about 30 seconds, can be done in 1-3 clips, bounty will be paid for each demonstrated step. 

1) Acquiring XCP (at a centralized exchange)
bounty: 50xcp
2) Creating a Bet and signing using XCPfeeds wallet
bounty: 50xcp
3) Creating a Bet and signing using Counterwallet
bounty: 50xcp

total: 150xcp

2/3 videos have been produced:
How to acquire XCP (centralized exchange version):
How to place a bet on

How to check the outcomes of your bets:
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Nice job on the videos! I think your voice is better than the robot lady's in the latest video. When you do more, you might want to give a little intro about what Counterparty is and where to find more info at the end just to give the user a soft take-off and landing.