How can I create a feed (betting proposition) in Counterwallet?

At this moment that is not possible.

The only way at this moment is to do as follows:

a) Install Bitcoin-Core with addrindex patch, counterparty-lib and counterparty-client on your system (the entire blockchain has to be downloaded and that can take 1-2 days).

b) Transfer a small amount of BTC and XCP to this local address (it has to be sufficient to pay for transaction fees and the feed).

c) Create Ehanced Feed Info and post it on some accessible location on the Internet (such as your Web server).

Note: this is required only if you want to be able to place a bet using the feed address in the interactive Counterwallet “place a bet” wizard, which needs to fetch this information in order to display feed details). If you want to use Counterwallet only to sign ready-made bet transactions, this step is not necessary.

d) Use CLI to create a feed (see “Broadcast a Binary Bet (Operator)” example)

Now you can let others know the details and they can place bets from Counterwallet or counterparty-client.

XCP tokens are required to place a wager.