Instant user feedback for CounterWallet shows it’s possible to identify Counterparty transactions before they’re included in blocks.

[quote]Mempool Transactions: Below is a list of transactions that are currently in the mempool waiting to be included in a block by miners. These transactions are unconfirmed and should not be trusted until they have been included in a block.[/quote]

Most people want to see this type of “confirmation” in wallets, even if insecure. It is what users are used to seeing with typical Bitcoin wallets, and “Instant” is a major talking point for Bitcoin. This despite the fact it takes 10 minutes for a transaction to be confirmed fully once.

It may be entirely insecure to do this in CounterWallet, but if so, can you explain what the worst case scenario is? I happen to think this functionality is direly needed to make Counterparty more user friendly.

this feature has been added to counterwallet