Im new to this; i just made my new coin

fox coins 216,191,028 of them :slight_smile: yaya but what does this mean now?
how do i sell them?
can i put a limit on how many are sold?
what is it called an alt-coin or …?
+ other possible questions a newbie might ask like where is the faq?

i dont know why but my text isnt’ showing unless i write it in bold

Hi FoxJohn,

1. You can sell them by going to Exchange > Markets and then selecting your coin and so on.
You can see a buy/sell KB here.
You can also sell them via MasterXchange.

2. You have the entire issuance so by placing just X of them on the market you’d limit it that way.

3. It’s called a token or asset by us, but some call them coins as well. 
Not alt-coins because usually that means coins that don’t live on the bitcoin block chain. (Edit: metacoin is name for coins like Counterparty, as in “coin stored in metadata of in the blockchain”, but what’s issued on the platform would be assets or tokens a mentioned above).


You can go to and create 2 different wallets and then try to buy/sell between them (you’ll need to get testnet bitcoins, burn them and then issue a virtual token for your own testing).
It takes one block of the bitcoin block chain (~10+ mins) for 'state" of offers on the DEx to change, so to create an offer it takes one change, to buy another, to settle yet another, so it’s a bit slow, but if you  do other things between each “move”, it’s not so annoying.

one more question i saw somewhere on the forum but cant find now was can i make subdivisions of my coin?

FOX2 …so on

its important to my development and sales pitch for the coin

and one more actually  how do i further define my coin so the idea is not stolen

For FOX1, FOX2, etc. you’d need to issue FOX1, FOX2, etc.

There’s no way to define characteristics of coin on a sub-coin level. If you have FOX, then all FOX coins are equal (which prevents confusion and mistakes in coin processing).
If you want one to be divisible, another LOCK-ed, yet another undivisible and LOCKED, then you need to issue FOX1, FOX2, FOX3 with those characteristics (although numbers are not supported so you’d need to have name like FOXA, FOXLOCK, FOXLOCKIND).

How to define (protect?) your coin? Well I don’t know what’s the idea about, but if it can be protected by laws of your country, you can use ways available to you. 
The Counterparty Protocol is decentralized and it can’t control who does what where, so while the Project hopes everyone upholds laws that apply in their jurisdiction, we don’t know who users are, where they are, and what they do, so there is no way to protect idea by using the platform. It has to be done externally.