I transfered coin instead of selling them

The address coins sent to is item #1 below. The info on the coin transfer is #2. The coin was HLTH amount 4,165 ea. Can I retrieve the coins. My they still be in my wallet. I have no idea what to do

#1 We found your deposit address 1SJztGS8hrzHvLdig6yNPVTZXpmom2AiB does not belong to Binance.

The HLTH coin was U.S.D. , it is appearing in my U.S.D.T account as Total Balance and Available Balance. But not in BTC Value column. Below is the sent info from my counter wallet.

#2 Transaction Hash 05c114d3a76b6b54772f0040d4ac94d5c486d588fb8144f3b1adef6ae81a04cf
TX Index 1,364,434
Block # 543,868
Time 8 hours ago (2018-10-01T05:48:55Z GMT)
Asset HLTH
Quantity 4,165.00000000
Source 1SJztGS8hrzHvLdig6yNPVTZXpmom2AiB
Destination 14qx9KJkS7GRMMvLDjQf6GjgdHzT29wcNw
Status valid

Paul Driskell

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