I sent a payment but the payment got lost

A couple of days ago i sent $52 worth of BTC from counterwallet.io to pay for a purchase. I set my payment as 11 santoshi/byte as was suggested on a slack channel I frequent. The amount was deducted from my balance but it took overnight to complete, the transaction is not in my history, and the company says they didn’t get it. :frowning:

It could be that the transaction is still pending… We will need more details before we can determine what happened.

Please indicate either
A.) Your transaction hash for the transaction
B.) The address you sent the funds from and the amount you sent.

Once we have this information, we will be able to determine what is going on with your transaction… most likely it is still in a ‘pending’ due to a low transaction fee.

I don’t have the exact amount but it was about .0155 and was the only recent send of BTC.
The address I sent from was 1GD5nCZbh7gNo1SESPLT24xEd2Jsu4rTP9


Here is your transaction.


It appears that the transaction went through fine. You should show this transaction to the company you paid as proof that you paid.

Thanks for the help!