I send 62.68116545 XCP to Bittrex wallet and receive only 0.68116545

Hello I send 2017/12/24 11:35:11 AM +01:00 from 1XAyJze3vru2cBDNbEVpibWeALi4hRj4A counterwallet.coindaddy.io 62.68116545 XCP to Bittrex wallet 1QEgSkeMkwFqKKFJfRcWzsoKSWrd3ijC7Y and I receive only 0.68116545, other 62 XCP is in history sended 2017/12/24 05:52:21 AM +01:00 to other addres 1PCxGNcBamAX8XaEN4GnYmwMmo3eH2rZAq
It’s possible if I send 62.68116545 XCP? :roll_eyes:

Please solution for my lost xcp

King regards

Solved :slight_smile:
Transaction 62 XCP is too old and confirmed now :slight_smile: