I Can't withdraw

So i have about 11.6503 SJCX and 0.00101316 BTC and i wanted to withdraw it, but when i try to withdraw it says i need to have .0024 BTC in my balance to be able to withdraw, and when i try to withdraw the little btc i have, it says i need to have .0036 BTC to be able to withdraw. So will this money just be stuck in my account? i have already tried to add more btc but then i would be able to withdraw the SJCX but i would still have BTC that i wouldnt be able to withdraw

I had this problem too
but I think this is because they dont want us to use their coins in another places
they want to give a value to their coins I think in past we could sell LTBCoins and buy BTC
but now I checked the top exchanges and I didnt saw anyone who did LTBC to BTC
nobody did it
I dont know why
thats the system

Its kind of f**ed up because its stuck in my account and there is no way to get it out.

The BTC transactions fees are very high these days. If you can wait for a weekend you can send the transaction with a very low fee.

freewallet.io will allow you to reduce the fee.

Lowest possible fee you can send via command line like this: https://gist.github.com/littleskunk/4d1e507e5a3a95dad3a49e6b5bb9edec