I cannot Login to wallet.counterwallet.io

When I enter my 12 word password the browser seems to hang. I have logged in successfully about a month ago.
I tried safari and chrome.
Can anyone help? Is there a system issue??

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I have encountered this also in the past.Although risky, i have at times entered my address manually and got it to work. I do not recommend this, but it has worked in the past.Also make sure your devise is fully charged. Also, sometimes traffic is less on a weekend day, i.e. Saturday, or Sunday. I have been using trial and error to try and determine variables which may potentially hinder successful transmit as this is not a perfect science per se - as it is fairly new technology. I pray one or a combination of these strategies will help. Most of all Pray because governments do not want us to be free from the control of centralized banking systems. Pray that The People will prevail. GOD Bless