Http://{token} - Token Website Redirect

http://{token} redirects to the token’s website if a URL is included in the token’s description.


If the description does not include a URL, the user lands on a page with a a brief description of the token and a link to its Blockscan page; e.g.

A similar service will soon be launched for Dogeparty and I’ll try to make one also for Namecoin.

Now you can redirect Dogeparty tokens as well.

COINOMI.XDP.PW            Coinomi
DOGETUNES.XDP.PW       Doge Tunes
DAILYDOGE.XDP.PW        The Daily Doge
YOUSEEBERKLEY.XDP.PW  Artist’s Youtube Channel

This certainly makes it easier to evaluate lots of assets. It would be neat to see the top lookups at the root domains themselves since some assets may make more use of updated urls in descriptions than others.

I will look into that soon. Should be trivial to implement.

In the past, I have proposed the idea of having a web browser extension that detects faux crypto asset domain names formatted like:

such as:

The user would get redirected to:

It should be very user configurable.

Just an idea for crypto asset enthusiasts. Not important enough for me to build, but also not very hard to create since similar plugins exist.

To anyone interested; here’s a list of all Counterparty assets w/ websites :

And for Dogeparty :