How to use counterpartyd with bitcoind alongside armory

Right, so let me start by saying that I have very limited technical knowledge. So whilst I do try and read everything I can and do it myself before I ask people I run into considerable problems.

I have been trying to build counterpartyd from the command prompt, which I managed to do successfully. However, I did this before properly configuring bitcoind (which I already had installed). So following this, I went to configure bitcoind to use with counterpartyd. This is where I ran into problems. I am already using armory with bitcoind, so when instructed to set up the rcp username and password of bitcoind to connect with counterpartyd, I was faced with a notepad file containing a conflicting username and password for armory.

I then began guessing what to do and erased the info and replaced it with the username/password for counterpartyd as instructed by the setup website. Bitcoind began reindexing blocks but once it was finished, I tried to launch counterpartyd and it would not work.

I’d appreciate it a lot if someone could spare the time to explain in layman’s terms how to run armory and counterpartyd using the same bitcoind. Do I need to uninstall everything and start fresh? If so how? and how do I uninstall counterpartyd?

Thanks in advance and sorry if this is embarrassingly obvious. 

Sorry just saw the newbie thread, will post there.

You need to open up the bitcoin.conf.
You will find the bitcoind-rpc-username and password in here.
(This is probably set by Armory).

Now you need to go to counterparty.conf
and set the
bitcoin-rpc-username and password
also the
rpc-username and password
The values in here needs to match the ones in bitcoin.conf. (copy the username and password values from the bitcoin.conf to counterparty.conf)

The newer versions of Armory uses its own bitcoind. I would use a separate version of bitcoind than the one Armory uses (I do this and it works fine). Otherwise you will probably have issues.