How to show my seed phrase

Hello, I used quick link to open my wallet, I don’t have the seed phrase,
How can I show my seed phrase in open wallet

One of my segwit accounts doesn’t have private key in the blue bar ( address auction )

I don’t think it is possible but I do not know that for certain. I hope one of the formal support person can confirm:

  1. You cannot show the 12 word passphrase. The passphrase/seed is never stored on any server. It only appears once and only client side.

  2. Segwit addresses do not have an associated private key. They are generated using the 12 word seed.

  3. If you can recall most of the seed (like 10 words) you might be able to brute force the remaining 2 using command line tools.


From what I can gather JPJA posted the process to export all keys from Counterwallet here:

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JPJA Export requires the 12 seed. OP has only quick link.

I wonder if a fix to to show the segwit address private key should be needed for this type of situation.