How to refer to Ethereum capabilities in Counterparty

The original community update talks of the Ethereum language and virtual machine. I’ve been saying Ethereum-style contracts and mistakenly Serpent since it was the language in which the first contracts I read were written. There’s also this aspect of them being Turing complete and the virtual machine being referred to as the EVM. What do you think is best to call these things?

Smart Contracts.

The issue I have with Smart Contracts is that it was used for Counterparty before the EVM so it’s like they should be Smarter Contracts or…well it’s good for describing what Counterparty does overall so maybe the distinction isn’t so necessary to point out except to devs who are wondering if they can do threshold crowdfunding or sidechains or whatever.

Enhanced or Extended Smart Contracts?

There are Feeds and Ehnanced Feeds, so ESC would follow that pattern.

Turing-complete Smart Contracts

ESC… hey there’s a key for that! Also makes me think of drones and remote controlled things as they have Electronic Speed Controllers. Fun.

Being Turing-complete and Smart seems redundant to me. Turing Complete Contracts - TCCs?

This forum doesn’t allow polls does it?

There’s a a plugin but not installed and it’s difficult to install new plugins (Robby is the admin so I can’t bother him every day… Maybe few weeks later after the to-do list grows longer).

In the meantime we could link to one of external polling sites (maybe those can be embedded in posts?).