How to collect client-side debug information for Counterwallet?


  • Go to chrome://extensions
  • At the very top check “Developer Mode”
  • Navigate to and hit CTRL+SHIFT+J to activate JavaConsole debugger (OS X users can go to Tools > JavaScript Console). Then reproduce your problem and stop when you’re done.

Alternatively you can go to Menu > More Tools > Developer Tools (or press CTRL+SHIFT+I) to show the console.

  • Watch for errors (normally displayed in red) around the time you encounter your problem.
    In this case there are no errors, but in case of a problem there would be at least a few lines in red.

After you’re done with debug log collection you can disable Developer Mode. Select and copy text from the Console tab or take a screenshot (assuming the text of error and few preceding lines are all clearly visible).


  • Start Firefox
  • Install Firebug add-on
  • Visit and enable Firebug (CTRL+SHIFT+S or go to Tools > Web Developer > Firebug > Open Firebug)
  • In Firebug, go to Console and watch All and Errors.


In Firefox 49.0.1, Debugger reveals this:

Clicking on Stop black boxing the source fixes the code blocking problem. You need to do this for both counterwallet-deps-min.js and counterparty-min.js for debugging to work. There is a known issue with Firefox at the moment which prevents new releases from working and a temporary workaround is to use a different browser (or older portable release just for Counterwallet).

What logs to collect

Reproduce the problem and gather one or both kinds of logs.
a) Java Debug Console > All (normally last 20 lines prior to bug occurrence should be enough)
b) Java Debug Console > Errors

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