How to build counterwallet in local vagrant?

I would like to build counterwallet on github,, and the configuration in counterwallet.conf.json is
“servers”: [],
“AVAILABLE_LANGUAGES”: [“en”, “zh_cn”, “zh_tw”, “ru”, “cs”, “da”],
but not working with the error. “No counterparty servers are currently available. Please try again later. ERROR: %s”
How should I correct the situation, I read the { …, “servers”:[] ,… } is okay when not having specific counterparty server.

I think the error is telling you that there’s no counterparty-server running on localhost.
According to (“Counterwallet-Specific” towards the end of the page), [] means localhost.

The other day Vennd announced (see the availability of public Counterparty servers. Perhaps you could try those, but you’d still need a public or local bitcoin server.

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