How many 4-letter asset names?

There are 439,400 valid 4-letter asset names. I don’t know how many of these that have been registered yet, but out of a total of 30k assets it’s likely that less than 10k are four letter names.

An asset name can start with any letter except A, and that’s why there are 25 x 26 x 26 x 26 = 439,400 four-letter combinations.

It’s unlikely all combinations will be registered anytime soon. With 0.5 XCP per registration and the price of XCP at around $0.90, it would seemingly only cost around $200,000 to register all. However, to buy enough XCP you would press up the price significantly.

All good combinations is another story. Say you’re only interested in names of format consonant-vowel-double-consonant, e.g. JIFF or WALL. Then the number of combinations is just 21 x 5 x 21 = 2205.

For the record, there are 11.4 mln valid five letter names, 297 mln six letter ones, 7.7 bln seven letter ones, and so on.

Conclusion is that the namespace is practically endless, even for short names, but if you want to register a good name you better hurry.

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To those interested in approaching this programatically.

You may start with a simple javascript, e.g.

var cons = ["Q", "W", "R"];
var vows = ["E", "A", "I"];
for (var i = 0; i < cons.length; i++) {
 for (var j = 0; j < vows.length; j++) {
  for (var k = 0; k < cons.length; k++) {
      document.writeln(cons[i] + vows[j] + cons[k] + cons[k] + "<br>");

You can run run it on

Then it may be an idea to google each word. You’ll be surprised, especially from image search. Just remember to turn on the family filter :smile:

Eliminate the words you don’t find interesting from the list.

Now you can manually register them with Counterwallet or automate it with a script (e.g.’s Bulk Register Assets).

If you need a list in Javascript’s array format, I suggest

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i would actually love to do this, but as a side note, i tried running your bullk asset distribution code on and it only registers about 3-5 assets before freezing, am i doing something wrong or do you have any pointers?

Which browser did you use?
How did it freeze? Any error message? Did the entire browser stop responding or did the script simply not update/register anymore?

I have used it with Firefox - had it running in the background for hours without any issues.

I used chrome, so i will try it with FF, it didnt give any error messages, it would still say “complete” but then it just wouldnt, but it would keep running. Perhaps just using FF will work, ill tell you how it went after the holiday today :smiley: