How do i transfer xcp to btc

,Have some TRIGGER and trying to transfer them from my counterparty Block explorer (XChain) but unable. Somebody help coz i see like my coins are decreasing.

Trade Triggers for XCP at a market
Counterwallet has a XCP market exchange. Then trade XCP for BTC e.g. at Bittrex

I tried to withdraw TRIGGERS from Binance and they ended up in Counterparty wallet and since then i have been having problem accessing them let alone withdrawing. I can see the record but how to withdraw them is a problem.

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If you describe your problem in more detail e.g. add screenshots then somebody can help you

Now I see a successful transaction of triggers. Can you access your counterwallet and see those triggers there?

If true go to Counterwallet Exchange and trade Triggers for XCP.

Then send XCP to a coinexchange like Bittrex and trade for BTC (only send xcp to the Bittrex XCP deposit address not a pure bitcoin address)