How do I get XCP on Counterparty testnet?

Using Counterwallet

You can install your own Counterwallet server or use

You can send testnet BTC (which you can obtain from one of many BTC testnet faucets on the Web) to the Counterparty testnet burn address. You need a very small amount (like 0.01 BTC) of testnet bitcoins.

Or, in CW find your testnet BTC and In drop-down menu select Burn for XCP. In 10-15 minutes you should have your testnet XCP.

Using Counterparty Server and Command Line

Get a small amount (say, 0.1 BTC) testnet bitcoins from a bitcoin faucet, send them to your Bitcoin-Core testnet address used by counterparty-server and when they arrive, use the burn command.

counterparty-client burn [-h] --testnet --source SOURCE --quantity QUANTITY

IMPORTANT NOTE: --testnet indicates that you’re working on testnet. If you have both mainnet and testnet configured on this client, you have to be careful otherwise you could accidentally burn your mainnet BTC!


  • Source: your Bitcoin-Core testnet address with testnet bitcoins
  • Quantity: some quantity (such as 0.01 BTC) that’s smaller than what you have on that address (leave some for testnet transaction fees)

Or you can use Counterwallet on the testnet to get some test coins for there, and part of testnet BTC and XCP that you obtained to your Counterparty server running on your desktop.


  1. Starting November 5, 2014, the BTC Sell functionality (and therefore BTC Pay, too) has been removed from Counterwallet, but retained on the protocol level. See Counterparty News for background on this decision.

This article still applies, but you cannot trade BTC on the DEx from Counterwallet. It can be done in counterparty-client (on a lower level, using the CLI), the API or in Counterparty wallets that support BTCPay and DEx.

  1. Since Counterparty v9.47, testnet assets (XCP and any Counterparty assets) have to be recreated every time a new version of counterpartyd is released.
    This means that your testnet BTC balance will survive a new release, but your XCP and Counterparty-based assets on the testnet will disappear after every new version. If obtaining testnet BTC bothers you, you may consider burning small quantities of BTC for XCP (say, 0.01 BTC at a time) so that you don’t spend your testnet BTC quickly.