How do I deposit stock shares into counterparty wallet? 18:39:35&headline=6%25%20Annual%20Dividend%20in%20Cryptocurrencies%20Paid%20Out%20to%20all%20Shareholders%20of% This link is stating that persons owning shares of STBV Strategic Global Investments Inc. shares will need to deposit their shares into a counterparty wallet by a certain date in order to be traded in the future. My question is, can anyone tell me how I would deposit stock shares, or representations of shares, into a counterparty wallet?

A company could tie their stocks to counterparty tokens. But I would never engage in such a deal i I had no signed agreement by hand that these assets are linked. And keep away from everything that Garland E. Harris does. Strategic Global Investments Inc. seems to be his company. He’s a well known scammer who tried to sell people his worthless TROPTION tokens by creating artificial volume on Counterparty’s DEX. He’s basically trying to sell you hot air.

Garland E. Harris is a scammer!
Strategic Global Investments scam!

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Thank you very much Django! I only have a small amount of shares of STBV, and was just trying to follow the instructions to place them in a counterparty wallet for future trading, which I am still very interested in learning how to do, as well as learning how to work with the system of Bitcoin, wallets, and crypto currencies in generals, and just to know for any other stocks that this situation may occur for in the future, but as far as Strategic Global Investments I guess I will take your advice. I don’t know what might happen if I just ignore the instruction to place my shares into a counterparty wallet, and just leave them where they are, but I guess I will find out. Thanks.

If you already bought it, then I see no danger. You might post us those instructions here, so we can see what he is up to…

Hi Django, the instructions to share holders by STBV can be found in their latest news feeds.
But, to my question about how I might put my shares into a counterparty wallet, I am still confused. I understand you say companies can tie their stocks to counterparty wallets, but it still doesn’t make clear to me once they tie their stocks to a counterparty wallet, as to how I get my shares into a wallet, or are my shares automatically placed in the same counterparty wallet as that of the company? And, if so, how do I find the wallet? Or, I already purchased and own the shares, so do I have to purchase a token or something now in order to somehow get them into the wallet myself? Thanks.

Basically a company can issue shares. And a company can issue counterparty tokens. If I understand it right, they tie the shares to tokens (not to a wallet). So if you bought 1000 shares, you might have the right to own 1000 tokens or whatever the ratio shares:tokens is.

So the company declared that their shares are represented by counterparty tokens (which I believe is the case with STBV). If you bought shares in a non counterparty fiat money transaction, they should also give you the equivalent of counterparty tokens. But I have no idea how this transfer is done…

Okay Django. Thanks for the info. So, I guess I can just use the counterparty wallet that I opened to begin to learn about buying tokens, or bitcoin transactions back and forth into the wallet if I am understanding.
I guess I will try to find out more from Strategic Global Investments, but so far they only refer to the news feed information, and say we must have our shares in a counterparty wallet 30 days prior to ex-dividend date.

What their statement says, is that to receive dividends, all share holders must be holders of STBV shares for 30 days prior to ex-dividends date and remain holders until ex-dividend date.
For share holders to receive their cryptocurrency dividends, their shares of STBV will need to be in in a Counterparty wallet, accessible to trading on the DEX - Decentralized Exchange Market.
All STBV shareholders must have a Counterparty wallet 30 days prior to ex-dividend date.