HELP - storj is no longer in my wallet


I bought storj in the original crowdsale in 2014 and received my payout to counterwallet…I have verified that sjcx was in my wallet numerous times. Somewhat recently, when I put in my pass seed to get into counterwallet, sjcx is not visible (there is no history as well). I have verified that the public counterwallet address still has a balance of sjcx on there via blockexplorer. I have my seed and when i log into counterparty, the address with my storj is not visible. I am attempting to find my storj–any help?

Don’t worry. As long as the storj shows on the block explorer, it is still there.

There must be an annoying bug in the wallet that prevents balances from showing. It sucks, I know. The best you can do is wait a few hours and try again. Or, if urgent, try another wallet.