Easiest way to send assets in bulk

I’m making a faucet website for counterparty assets, so I’m looking for the most convenient way to send assets in bulk.

I managed to get counterpartyd with bitcoin addrindex patch running and everything is working fine, I just don’t know how to use the
script in this document: https://counterparty.io/docs/send_assets_in_bulk/

If someone could ELI5 how to use this script or any other way to send, I would appreciate it. I saved the script and runned it with a .csv file while counterpartyd was running,
but I guess there is more to it.

I also tried to send 100 transactions in a simple bash script with 100x “counterparty-client --send …” commands but only 89 transactions were made, so that
didn’t work :slight_smile:

Bitcoind starts filtering multiple transactions sent in a short time period as part of its spam controls. Also, transaction malleability can affect chained unconfirmed transactions.

You can try sending these transactions with several seconds delay in between each one. That will help with the first issue.

The second issue is more difficult to mitigate.

If you are an LTBn user, you can check out our asset distributor which solved some of these problems.

Thanks for your reply deweller, that asset distributor service looks pretty handy, such tool would be a good addition to any counterparty wallet.