Does the "get_markets_list" call show all the available markets in the system?

For each quotation asset (XCP, BTC) get_markets_list returned a maximum of 50 pairs with an exchange volume > 0 for the last 24h, and 50 pairs max. for pairs without volume last 24h.

That meant 300 pairs maximum. Some assets could have volume in all base currencies (XCP, BTC, etc.).

Recently a cache system for all DEX queries has been added which increases the limit of pairs with volume to 500 and set the limit of no volume pairs to (500 - number_of_pair_with_volume).

See for details.

About returned values

  • If divisibility=true, price is expressed in satoshi, else directly in quotation asset

  • The volume figure is affected by divisibility (if divisibility=true, it is in satoshi)

  • Progression is the evolution for the last 24h (tend=-1 if the before last trade is greater than the last, trend =1 if the before last is lower than the last and =0 if equal)

  • Market cap is based on the quantity that has been issued so far