DEX tx missing after trade initiated

Hello! I initiated a trade on the DEX a few days ago and the tx never went thru apparently but also doesn’t show up in tx history. I have the token back in my wallet but the BTC used is not there. THe token price is also about 30% less than when I initiated trade. I know that tx are delayed due to BTC issues with mempool and hash rate etc. Just don’t understand why the tx wouldn’t show and BTC would be gone. Any help appreciated. Would someone need my address to investigate or something else?

When you create a dex tx you also set a fee for enqueuing in the blockchain. You cannot get back that fee regardless of transaction success or not. This is different from a market exchange like BitTrex where you only need to pay fees when a trade is successful. I hope current high btc transaction fees go down when counterwallet also implements segwit, maybe next month.