BTC trading on DEx

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yea nice. I read to late, that the service is not available and sent something. Is it gone now?

Honestly, you normally sent btc to your address and could exchange it to all assets on counterparty. This is now not possible at all any more?
If i want to use counterwallet i have to send btc to an centralized exchange, buy xcp and send them to counterparty? Seriously?

@lordoliver, I split off your post because it doesn’t seem related to XBTC.

What is your question?

it is related. I was sending an amount to the mentioned address and as the service is not active any more it is still there and I didn’t get XBTC. What should I do?

The most interesting point is, that its not showing up here:

it was about 0.55BTC…

1) Just contact and they’ll take care of you if you sent the BTC to their address. 

2) Of course it’s not showing on a Counterparty block explorer because it’s a pure BTC transaction.

Hi lordoliver, I’m looking into it now for you.

lordoliver, I’ve refunded your BTC.

However, stay tuned as we have an announcement regarding XBTC in the new year. :slight_smile:

ok, thank you