Decentralised asset exchange

Hi I’m interested in possibly moving the security - - over to Counterparty from its current exchange - -  There’s one major concern I have though about users trading the asset.  Does the users Counterparty wallet have to stay open until any trades they may make are filled.  Or can they put in an order close their wallet and just leave the trade to eventually get filled.

Hi, great idea. I think there was another user here who had a “cloud-mining” asset on Counterparty (who if I’m not mistaken is Jeremy of fame) - he might be good to contact. See here -

There is only one instance where the Counterwallet browser has to be left open and that is when purchasing with BTC on the Decentralised Exchange. Trading against anything else does not require this and you can close the browser as soon as you’ve made the order and it may or may not be filled (due to market demand) while you are offline/logged out.

Have you thought about setting up a Vennd Machine? Have you seen the Quick Buy section of Counterwallet? You could request to have ResStarMining listed there. That way purchases of your asset are near instant, even with BTC. Try it now with FoldingCoin!

as long as you are not trading with BTC no wallet has to be open.  however the only major asset on XCP currently is XCP, and therefor you have to deal with a lot of liquidity.

you may want to look at digital tangible trust which could provide you with gold backed tokens.

also it should be easy for and to add your token if they think there is enough volume/demand
  1. No need to have CW open any more since there’s no BTC_Pay

    2. As Equality said, liquidity could be a problem. But also as @dom correctly observed (and I’ve been wondering why people don’t use that approach more) you could potentially encourage users to denominate their asset in Digital Tangible Trust token. (Prices of silver and gold haven’t been stable either, they’re merely less unstable). 
    Because any seller can denominate their asset in any other asset, there would have to be sufficient awareness and “critical mass” of willing participants for that to work out.