Creation of bulk wallets and corresponding addresses

I’ll be doing a seminar and wondering if it’s possible
to bulk generate counterparty wallets and addresses in advance so I can
have them generate their own tokens during the seminar.
I’ll send them each a little btc in advance too, so a wallet address is needed when
it’s generated too.


Thank you for your question CoinRepublic :smile:

The easiest way (I can think) to do it is to open up the Blockchainscan wallet generation tool at , and open your chrome javascript console. In that little command window, type the following javascript:

for(i=0; i<10; i++) { 
var m = new Mnemonic(128); 
var HDPrivateKey = bitcore.HDPrivateKey.fromSeed(m.toHex(), bitcore.Networks.livenet); 
derived = HDPrivateKey.derive("m/0'/0/" + 0); 
address = new bitcore.Address(derived.publicKey,bitcore.Networks.livenet); 
console.log('HD Key:'+m.toWords().join(' ')+': '+address.toString());

You can replace the “10” in that for loop with however many addresses you need. After you hit enter, your screen will fill with a mneumonic hd private key to the left of the colon, and a corresponding first public key to the right.

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tested- working!

thanks- will save me a ton of time!