Counterwallet on android webview

Hello Everyone,

I have a little issue, I’m trying to display counterwallet on an android application. The problem is the android user agent is rejected by counterwallet.
Is there any reason for that ? 
Otherwise I tried to download the counterwallet source. We disabled the blocking message but then the counterwallet needs a local counterpartyd server that I don’t have. 

1. Is it possible to bypass the blocking browser verification on
2. If not how can I connect to the official counterparty server from another instance of the local counterwallet ?


It may be that Counterwallet is blocking your browser for your own security. I’m not sure if this is the case here, but these are the supported versions:


  • IOS Safari 7+
  • Android Browser 4.4+
  • Chrome for Android 33+
  • Chrome for iOS 35+
  • Firefox for Android 26+

Yes probabely but this mean the android app browser is insecure ? From what I understand from the JS it’s only browsers specifically selected has access do they forgot about android webview ? It’s a pity because it’s important for making mobile CP Apps