Counterwallet for iOS by CW Indie

There’s a new Counterparty wallet app for iOS (works on iPad as well, although it’s actually an iPhone app).
I don’t know who’s the author, but I tried it and it does work.

My experience in more detail:

Download link:

I have seen this now and i have it on my iphone. Seems to work fairly well. Obviously it looks as though it is still in development, but the basic functions are for sure working. I have contacted the developer of this app via email and i hope he gets back to me as i would love to learn more about how he is doing this. I am assuming he is running his own servers to accomplish this app.

So i am now in communication with the dev team and they say that they have some new updates coming up soon as the way the app currently is has a bunch of bugs in it (which i have seen). I will report more once I talk to them next, we are scheduling a skype here sometime in the near future (probably this week)

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For those of you reading this, please sned your comments to a new thread that has been started by the actual developers of the mobile application Counterparty Mobile Wallet is Here!

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