Counterparty Mobile Wallet is Here!

iOS app has been updated and it looks a little bit better now.

We are now focusing on security and are planning to open source the code when we are ready. Feedback or bug reports are much appreciated!

Meanwhile, now Counterparty gone mobile, I wanted to ask you guys what would be good/interesting applications of Counterparty technology from your mobile devices.

We are doing some experiments like e-tickets, participation points, mobile game applications, and access token to digital contents. But if there are anything else, you think you can do with mobile wallet, do let us know and experiment with it!

More news and updates will be coming soon.


My ‘wish list’:

  1. Have asset name as alias for address. E.g. when sending, type JPJA to get 1AnRKzwPZSPFUmjK822LBzfVd1CLJd9fGa (this is the owner of JPJA).

  2. Allow sending of specified BTC amount together with a Counterparty asset in one transaction. I think this is possible, there just isn’t any wallet that has implemented it yet. This can be useful for discount tokens,


Thanks for the comment!

Use of alias is definitely a possibility. We might test it out using LTB’s system first.

As for discount tokens, that’s a very interesting idea. We are thinking of something similar for the use of tokens at merchants but we will definitely consider your suggestion as well.

If you have any other great applications or ideas, let us know!

This new view on the iOS looks great! I will update my video as soon as i can :slight_smile: I think using the LTB system would be great as not only will it help the adoption of LTB, but also its already built so you do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Discount token gets a +1 from me as this would be helpful for some projects of mine. Keep up the good work


Looking forward to your next video!

Mobile Counterwallet has been updated to ver 0.5.2 on both iOS and Android! Client side encryption and some bug fixes.

Also, we have open sourced the client side source code. Please the check it at IndieSquare’s github page.

We are still working hard to improve the app and add some more features to support indie creators using tokens.

Let me know what you think! Any feedback is welcome.


keep up the good work :smiley: I cant wait to see what you guys do with this. Also right now I am not seeing any other competition in the space for another CW mobile solution except fro GEMZ that only supports their token and BTC.

I tweeted my sheer pleasure at seeing and using this app. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. I truly believe that as regulatory framework solidifies and the Dex allows BTC trades, this platform will explode. Your wallet could see a massive boost.

would be nice if you could see the assets for more than just one of your counterwallet addresses in the mobile wallet.


Yeah I agree. BTC-Token trade is critical for Dex and is something we are looking in closely now. Say, the reason stopped supporting BTC trades in the Dex is purely due to US regulatory uncertainty?

Hey, thanks for the comment.

Multiple public address capability is actually a common request and we are going to add it sooner rather than later. It’s absolutely necessary to protect users’ privacy.

Please wait for the updates. When the feature’s added, I will definitely let you know.

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BTC trading was disabled in Counterwallet because of bad user experience. With XCP and other assets the DEX works flawlessly. These are held in escrow. With BTC it’s different. Some may offer to buy XCP for BTC, and when you place a matching order to sell your XCP, the other party may not transfer BTC. This is really annoying, to say the least (you waste your time and a tx fee - although you DO NOT lose any XCP or have any other counterparty risk).

BTC trading is still allowed on a protocol level. You just have to use another wallet.

I think a solution is that whoever places an offer where he shall transfer BTC, also must put some XCP in escrow. If he does not transfer BTC as he’s supposed to, the other side of the trade will be compensated with XCP. This would require a protocol change, I believe.

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Koji from the mobile IndieSquare was on this weeks episode

We are considering a drastic change to current UI and make the wallet much more intuitive to use especially the dex UI.

If any of you have any feedback about our mobile wallet’s UI/UX, we would really appreciate it and your opinion will likely be reflected.

Some examples include…

・Maybe we are taking too much space for Assets Created on the mobile wallet
・QR code page needs to be more easily accessible

We’ve added a engineer(part-time) to the team for UI improvement. Expect quicker updates and better user experience!

Thanks for the support.

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HI - If the asset creation piece is an issue, perhaps its best to just remove it. After all, most people that would use a mobile wallet would use it for the token sending and receiving as opposed to creating their own token. I know for Scotcoin this would be useful as ‘less is more’ and 100% of our users would just want the mobile app for using Scotcoin and BTC.


I feel you are correct, however in the future it would be nice to have this option still as well as many mainstream users no longer use laptops, but they use mobiles. So for now, if the focus is not asset creation that would not break my heart, but developing it further in the future i feel is a good need. Its nice (when it works) to show people on the go that you can simply create assets. I have done this at my meetup many times.

for sure Robert…

We don’t know if we are going to remove it at all but I see your point it being not the main function users need every day. We are going to reduce the space dedicated for new asset creation after the next UI update.

Interesting you actually use the asset creation function for demo purpose. For now, we will at least keep it in app, but I would love to know if there are any other who would love the asset creation function in the mobile app.

Right now, our main concern is usability of the Dex. Once the Dex becomes more user-friendly and interactive on mobile, that would really make Counterparty and the Dex more attractive for lots of people.

Hi guys - sent out a note to our subscribers re the mobile wallet and other info - hope you get some downloads cointea! Scotcoin Updates August 2015 -