Complete List of XCP Exchanges?

Anyone have a complete of resources for getting XCP?


As far as I know, Bter and Poloniex are the only exchanges that support XCP right now. Does anyone know of others?

For completeness, there is also the inherent Decentralised Exchange (DEx). This can be accessed easily from Counterwallet, though liquidity is currently low. also trades in XCP.

51BTC as well:

But the highest volumes are usually in Poloniex, and BTER, in that order.

All known centralized exchanges are listed both on the main site and on the Wiki. (Edit: this URL is from the old site, not valid any longer)

(And by the way, has been #1 for a long while)

BTC38 seems to be working on support for it.

Links above not working but another list at

Looks like @something’s wiki link was broken. Here’s a fixed one.