Change in dividend payments

Edit: I notice Jdog has already raised a thread for this but I will leave this here as the crux is that I don’t want to issue as a share.

Hi Everyone.
I’m enquiring about a possible change that might allow for a different way to issue dividends.

There are ~2500 holders of pepecash.
I want to issue 1 (or other integer) token to each address no matter how much pepecash they hold. So not as a share of pepecash held.
I did not issue the pepecash token.
I wish to only pay 1 bitcoin transaction, as with dividends currently.
XCP costs, whatever, happy for there to be some sort of fee, as with dividends currently.

That’s it. Initial q’s on the telegram chat have lead me to believe that it would only be a few lines of code, which would be excellent news.

Thanks for your time, and keep up the excellent work.


I like your idea.

I added it to j-dog’s thread.