Can not transfer out covalc

I have 52,836.24407583 COVALC in your wallet, but when I transfer out, I can only use the btc network, and other places can only accept erc20. How can I transfer out?


I have the exact same issue (although much less COVAL than you) - trying to find the answer!

no one answer

Nobody answering. Sad. I used the btc network and lost the coins i think

You will be able to Stake those old COVALC tokens in the near future! However, you will not be able to swap them, as the swapping period has ended.

In April 2019, Bittrex informed us the COVAL would be delisted, stating that the primary reason was that Counterparty (XCP) support would be ending. In May 2019, the team informed community through the channels that the XCP version of COVALC would be swapped to an ERC-20 version. Obviously, switching to ERC-20 would also open up a number of possibilities for COVAL and Emblem Vault. In June 2019, the swap period began (you can check the earliest transactions on Etherscan). In April 2020, the team determined that the end date to the swap would be mid-September 14th. We’re sorry to hear that you were unable to find the news of the swap over this 17 month time period, but we’re here to help you with anything else that you may need.

If you have COVALC on Bittrex still, you will need to contact them to pay for release. We encourage you to visit the Counterparty Telegram Room if you need advice or have any issues with Counterparty wallets.