Coval transfer how to make

I would like to transfer COVAL to a wallet.

I put the COVAL address to be transferred, but she accuses this error “This field must be a valid Bitcoin address.”

I don’t want to transfer Bitcoin, I want to transfer COVAL, because it asks for a bitcoin address?


…same question reg DTB, is it possible? if so do we just tranfer them to the bitcoin address and that’s it?

How to transfer coval to stex exchanger. Got error about address to send in btc.
Pls help to advise how.

Sorry, I didn’t understand your answer.

Coval is a Counterparty asset/token
Counterparty runs on Bitcoin blockchain… and tokens are stored in Bitcoin addresses.
You send COVAL to a bitcoin address… that is why it is saying this field must be a valid bitcoin address.

I want to transfer my COVAL to stex exchanger.

Can I then transfer COVAL to a Bitcoin address that will work?

If you have COVAL, it already lives in a Bitcoin address, as all Counterparty tokens live in Bitcoin addresses.

You can transfer your COVAL to Stex Exchanger and sell your COVAL for BTC.

Hello Friend

I transferred some COVAL yesterday to a Bitcoin address, inside the stex exchanger. But so far I have not received anything within STEX.

The address I’m sure was right, what could have gone wrong?

I got coval 172k in counterwallet…I want to transfer to stex exchanger…what address should I use…btc address or coval address…

Coval is Migrating from XCP to ERC-20, due to the delisting from Bittrex of all XCP tokens.

STEX exchange IS ERC-20 so its an Etherium address NOT Bitcoin. Sending there will loose all Tokens, before the swap.

Join Telegram Official Coval channel if you need more help through the operation

This is the swap address (new users cant post more than 2 links)

Last day to swap Coval (XCP) to Coval (ERC-20) is 14th September 2020.

Send details to to facilitate manual swap.

Hi, I completely missed the swap to ERC20. I sent an email about this yesterday to the aforementioned address Please assist. Thanks!

If you sent a email on the 17th of September then most likely you will have lost out, a deadline was set, and unfortunately you missed it.

Still wait to see what your reply from the email listed is, could be lucky !

Wow, yeah I really do hope something is possible I have quite a bit invested but left most of my crypto alone for while due to personal circumstances. Extra bad since coincidentally i wanted to tranfer to Stex a week before but couldn’t get the verification sorted in a quick manner. What i mean with that is, had i been able to verify on Stex a week before i would have found out in time that i needed to swap my COVAL before i could make a transaction… having missed out completely on the news about the swap (and its deadline, obviously).

Shannon code has just said - with quite a few people popping out of the woodwork, when the new staking system is up - he will allow holders of CovalC XCP to stake for new fuel tokens.

Find out more in the Telegram room

can send coval to stex now?

Is Stex the only place to sell coval?

Can’t go to stex now